landing a College Job

A Practical Guide for English, ESL, and
Foreign Language Job Seekers

About the Book

"Landing a College Job: A Practical Guide for English, ESL, and Foreign Language Job Seekers" is a self-help guide for anyone looking for a college teaching position in these fields. It describes the A-Z of the job search process beginning with finding job postings to landing a full-time position. It clearly and concisely presents job seekers with practical advice, suggestions, and useful tips on how to improve their chances of getting a teaching job in a community college. The book is written in a reader-friendly, accessible style as it is meant to address the nuts and bolts of the job search process. This book will motivate job seekers and increase their self-confidence because they will know exactly what to expect before, during, and after a college job interview. In a highly-competitive market where there might be over a hundred applicants for one position, this book is a must have for English, ESL, and Foreign Language job seekers. Get the scoop on interview questions also by following us on Facebook!

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About the Author

Meena Singhal, Ph.D. has extensive experience in both teaching and administration. She has over twenty years of experience as a faculty member in both college and university settings, and over ten years of experience as an administrator serving in both Associate Vice President and Dean roles at California Community Colleges. She has served on numerous search committees which in turn has led to the writing of this book. Her previous book is titled “Teaching Reading to Adult Second Language Learners: Theoretical Foundations, Pedagogical Applications and Current Issues.” Dr. Singhal is also the founding editor of “The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal.”


This book is written by an experienced administrator who provides the inside scoop on what search committees are looking for and how you can successfully prepare for landing that job you really want. Customer 1 PhotoAlberto Duncan
I very quickly learned how to prepare for a college teaching interview and came to understand exactly what interviewers look for in candidates. Two interviews and I landed a full-time, tenure-track position. Customer 2 PhotoJoana Silva
In addition to being filled with useful information, this book is written in a clear and concise manner, making it extremely reader-friendly. With its effective use of written samples and adapted materials from other sources, the book is a quick, insightful read which can be read in one sitting. Customer 3 PhotoMilton Chapman

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