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Third International Online Conference on Second and Foreign Language
Teaching and Research, March 2-4, 2007
"Coming Together: The Shrinking Global Village"

Join your colleagues from around the world in a state-of-the-art conference hosted by The Reading Matrix.

The 3rd International Online Conference on Second and Foreign Language Teaching and Research features presentations and discussions on numerous topics. Please consult the Call for Papers for the list of conference topics.

The conference will be held March 2-4, 2007.

The basic aim of this conference is to provide a venue for educators, established scholars and graduate students around the world to present work on a wide variety of pedagogical, theoretical and empirical issues as related to the multidisciplinary field of second and foreign language teaching and research. On these two days, we will gather to share information and capitalize on each others' knowledge, experiences and contributions. This conference will also give you an opportunity to make global connections with people in your field.

The conference is held entirely on the Internet using email, the Web, synchronous chats, discussion areas, and other Internet technologies. About two weeks before the conference formally begins, we open the password-protected webpages that contain the presentations. Registered participants will have access to the Conference Timetable and will have the opportunity to "attend" (i.e., read and listen to) the presentations that interest them. On the actual conference days, each presenter is also scheduled for a fifty-minute live chat session. In these sessions, participants get to meet and talk with presenters about ideas in the papers. Participants can enter presentation rooms by accessing the Conference Timetable. Each presenter has their own presentation room so attendees can even stay after the livechat session to continue discussions!

Participants may also access the Foyer Cafe to meet others in more social surroundings. The Foyer Cafe is a place that stays open throughout the conference days. The Cafe itself includes several parlors (discussion lists/forums) allowing participants to meet with others who may be interested in similar topics as themselves.

Through this event, we have tried to create an online conference community to allow groups of conference participants to share information, participate in discussions and learn from one another. We encourage you to participate as a presenter or attendee. While some of you may be new to this type of event, if you are able to read and send email, and log on to a webpage, you can certainly take part in these activities! We hope that you will be an integral part of this conference. Please browse through this web site to learn how you can participate in this exciting event - looking forward to meeting you all online!













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